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Welcome to the official Friends of SP 4449's website. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration, maintenance, and operation of the former Southern Pacific steam locomotive based in Portland, Oregon.

The continued operation of SP 4449 relies heavily on volunteer work, fuel and materials, and donations! Your donation to the SP 4449 is tax deductible and greatly appreciated! You can also support the SP 4449 by purchasing one of our concession items, such as our annual calendars featuring the locomotive and its crew!

Gordon Zimmerman #5659 - Baggage Car
Private Car #800634 - Amtrak Certified

Built by American Car & Foundry in April, 1954 for Union Pacific Railroad, this baggage car was originally numbered UP #5659. In April, 1969 it was renumbered to UP #24427, then in 1975 it reassigned to UP Maintenance-of-Way as #904227. The Friends of 4449 purchased the car in July, 1997. It remained in gray colors and wore the name Better Idea until it was repainted in Daylight colors in August, 2003 and renamed after a dedicated volunteer, Gordon N. Zimmerman.

In 2009, the baggage car underwent an overhaul to bring the car up to Amtrak standards, which included the 40-year truck inspection, installation of HEP cables, new marker lights, new rubber diaphragms, end-car inspection and electrical upgrades. All revenue from leases of this car go towards the all-volunteer Friends of SP 4449.

Gordon Zimmerman baggage car

Gordon Zimmerman baggage car 

Gordon Zimmerman baggage car

Trip log:

October 2009: Cross-Country Journey - Minneapolis, MN to Portland, OR 
December 2009: ORHF Holiday Express - Portland, OR 
December 2010: ORHF Holiday Express - Portland, OR 
April 2011: Railroad Revival Tour - Oakland, CA to New Orleans, LA 
May 2011: National Train Day - Union Station, Portland, OR 
June 2011: NRHS Stampede Pass excursion - Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA to Easton, WA and return.
July 2011: 70th Anniversary/Wishram Daylight excursion - Portland, OR to Wishram, WA and return.
April/May 2012: Los Angeles and 3751 Grand Canyon Journey.
October 2012: Round-trip Portland, OR to Bend, OR steam excursion.

Travellers Rest #498 - Lounge / Dining Car
Private Car #800288 - Amtrak Certified

Built by Pullman Standard in 1947 for the Northern Pacific Railway, the Coach/Lounge was rebuilt to a Lewis & Clark-themed Buffet Lounge car in 1955. Designed by Raymond Loewy as part of his project to upgrade NP's premier train, the North Coast Limited, the car was numbered #498 and known as the Traveller's Rest. When Amtrak took over most of the nations passenger train service, it operated as Amtrak #8354, and was later retired and sold to private parties who then operated it in charter service as "Sonoma Valley".

The car was donated to the Friends of 4449 in 2010, and volunteers have gone to work to bring the car up to Amtrak standards. Leases of this car help raise funds for the maintenance and operation of this car by the all-volunteer Friends of 4449.

Travellers Rest lounge car

Travellers Rest lounge car


Trip log:

June 2010: Deadhead move - Redwood City, CA to Portland, OR 
May 2011: National Train Day - Union Station, Portland, OR
October 2012: Round-trip Portland, OR to Bend, OR steam excursion.
June 2016: Round-trip Portland, OR to Bend, OR steam excursion.
June 2020-Present: Albany & Eastern excursions.

Auxiliary Tender #4219 - Canteen Car
Amtrak Certified

Built as a tender to Southern Pacific's AC-10 class 4-8-8-2 cab-forward steam locomotive #4219, it was later used to provide water for the rotary snow plows, and for fire-fighting service in the remote areas of the railroad.

Purchased in 1984 by the Friends of 4449, the tender was aesthetically modified to conform to 4449's tender, and serves as an auxiliary tender for steam excursions.

Aux tender

Trip log:

July 2009 - Train Festival - Portland, OR to Owosso, MI to Minneapolis, MN
October 2009 - Cross-Country Journey - Minneapolis, MN to Portland, OR
October 2012: Round-trip Portland, OR to Bend, OR steam excursion.

Other pieces of equipment that we own or frequently use:

DLMX 8645 - "Little Boy" Steam Generator Car

The Little Boy was built as a short GN steel Rail Post Office (RPO). It was converted into a steam heater car and later purchased by the Western Pacific Railroad. Now owned by Doyle McCormack, the number 8645 and name Little Boy is an acknowledgment to armed Americans and WWII.

Little Boy steam generator

SP #9021 - SP Sleeper Car

A Budd 10/6 sleeper car, built in 1950, Plan 9522, for the Southern Pacific Railroad Sunset Limited. Later lettered as AMTK #2444. The Friends of 4449 now owns this car and are in the process of returning it to its Southern Pacific livery.

Magnolia Grove sleeper car

SP #2955 - James J. Gilmore - SP Observation Car

Built in 1941 by Pullman for Southern Pacific's signature Coast Daylight train (the same one SP 4449 was built for), this car later shed its Daylight colors and operated as a stainless-steel car. Once lettered "James J. Gilmore", it was donated to the Friends of the 4449 Inc. by Northwest Rail Museum. This car is now primarily used on the Holiday Express fundraiser train and other excursions.

SP 2955 observation car

GN #1210 - Plum Creek

Built in 1951 by AC&F in Lot #3444 as GN 60 seat short distance coach #1210, which was ordered in October 1949; cars were delivered between October 1950 and March 1951. #1210 was built for the Mid-Century EMPIRE BUILDER. #1210 was intended to be renumbered as BN #6013, but this was not applied. In 1976, the car was outshopped as BN roadway maintenance instruction car #B11, which was later sold into private ownership. it was acquired through various parties and most recently the Friends of 4449. This car is primarily used on the Holiday Express fundraiser train. The car is going through many upgrades including passenger area repaint in 2019. Upcoming improvement include refinishing bathrooms, window upgrades, exterior body work and repainting.

GN coach car Plum Creek

#9201 - "Clackamas River" 10-5 Sleeper Car

Crew sleeper car, originally built for the City of San Francisco streamliner as "Rincon Hill". It was used on various excursions during the '90s and '00, most notably the Montana trip in 2004, and Holiday Express in 2006. It is currently out-of-service due to heavy vandalism.

Clackamas River sleeping car

SP #2395 - Chair Car

Built in 1949 by Pullman Standard in Lot #6805 to Plan #7571A as SP 48 seat chair #2395, for the SHASTA DAYLIGHT. It was ordered in June 1946 and delivered in June 1949. In 1960 the capacity was increased to 52 seats. The car was sold to Amtrak in 1973 and renumbered 7511 and was retired in 1976. It was sold to Rail Service Industries in Mira Loma, CA. and later acquired by the Sierra Western RR Company. Sierra Western renumbered the car to #511 The car was used on the NORTH COAST DAYLIGHT excursions which ran over the former Northwestern Pacific up to Eureka. In the 1982-1983 timeframe the #511, was painted in a faux NP Loewy scheme and leased to the McCloud River RR for use with #25. The car was also part of the consist pulled by the SP4449 for the 1981 excursion to Railfair '81 and the opening of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, California and the 1984 excursion to the World's Fair in New Orleans. The friends of the 4449 look forward to the cars arrival at ORHC in the near future to assess its needs so it can be enjoyed by visitors to the rail center. (Pictures coming soon)


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