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Excursions :: Holiday Express Annual Fundraisers

Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation began operating an annual fundraiser in 2005 geared towards the construction of a new home for Portland's three steam locomotives. Now that they have a home, ongoing maintenance and expenses requires continued funding support.

Holiday Express operates on Oregon Pacific Railroad tracks between the Enginehouse near OMSI and Oaks Park in Sellwood, and usually run 2-3 weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This 40-minute train ride allows for scenic views of the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge on one side of the tracks, and the Willamette River on the other. When the sun sets, the locomotive and train shines with colorful lights and ornaments.

Train Consist:

Roster No. Equipment Details
SP 4449 Steam locomotive
600 "Mt. Hood" sleeper lounge car
1210 "Plum Creek", formerly GN 1210 coach car
6300 Stainless steel coach
6800 "Red River", formerly GN #1147
2955 Southern Pacific Daylight observation car SP #2955 "James J. Gilmore"
9201 (used one year) "Clackamas River" sleeper car, formerly UP 9201 "Rincon Hill"


4449 at Union Station
SP 4449 at Oaks Park Station
Washing the train
Departing Oaks Park Station
Running along Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge
People at Oaks Park Station
Approaching Oaks Park Station
Chugging along Spingwater Trail
Rounding the curve along the Willamette River
Approaching Oaks Park Station at night
Nighttime steam at Oaks Park Station
Club lighting on the Observation Car
Departing Oaks Park Station towards Sellwood Bridge
The engineer's seat inside 4449's cab



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