SP 4449

Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation



Grand Opening of Oregon Rail Heritage Center

For nearly ten years, Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation worked to secure a new home for Portland's three steam locomotives, and grand opening of that facility was held on September 22nd, 2012.

The new Enginehouse a few days prior to grand opening.


On grand opening day, public tours of the enginehouse, rolling stock and steam locomotive cabs were held.


An overview of the Enginehouse with the Oregon Pacific Railroad in middle-background and Portland Streetcar in far background.


Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation Executive Director Phil Selinger giving a speech as volunteers and supporters look on.


Members of the Portland government were on hand for this dedication.


Praise was given to Gordon Zimmerman who donated the first $1,000,000 to ORHF to spearhead this effort.


The unveiling of the Doyle McCormack Enginehouse, with Doyle at lower-right looking on.


Inside the Enginehouse.


The Enginehouse at night.


Under construction.


Under construction.


Under construction.


Under construction.


Nearing completion!





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