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Excursions :: Wishram July 2011

During the Fourth of July weekend, we operated a "Celebrating 70 years of the SP 4449" fundraiser excursion through the Columbia River Gorge. This fundraiser's primary goal was to raise funds for 4449's upcoming mandated boiler overhaul in 2013. We worked with the NRHS to utilize available equipment that was used the month prior for their Cascade Rails excursion over Stampede Pass, and with our partners at BNSF Railway and Amtrak to make this trip a success.

Route: Portland, OR to Wishram, WA via Columbia River Gorge

route map

We departed from Portland Union Station on both Saturday July 3rd and Sunday July 4thand operated round-trip on BNSF Railway through Vancouver; Stevenson; Bingen; and Wishram, Washington.

When: Fourth of July weekend, 2011.

banner ad
One of the banners we advertised our trip with.

Train Consist:

Roster No. Equipment Details
SP 4449 Steam locomotive
DLMX 4219 Auxiliary Tender
AMTK 156 P42DC Diesel Locomotive (for head-end power)
800224 GBRX "Goombay Sunrise"
800631 DLMX 5659 Baggage "Gordon Zimmerman"
82540 Amtrak Amfleet Coach
82720 Amtrak Amfleet Coach
82510 Amtrak Amfleet Coach
58107 Amtrak Horizon Dinette
82560 Amtrak Amfleet Coach
82620 Amtrak Amfleet Coach
800124 SLRG 511 Great Dome "Nenana"
800392 ATSF 503 Dome "Plaza Santa Fe"
800190 Dome Diner "Silver Lariat"
800333 Dome Lounge "Silver Solarium"
Dates and Mileage Movements and Endpoints
07/03/2011: 3.5 Brooklyn Roundhouse to Portland Union Station
07/04/2011: 105 Portland Union Station to Wishram, WA
07/04/2011: 105 Wishram, WA to Portland Union Station
07/04/2011: 3.5 Portland Union Station to Brooklyn Roundhouse
Total: 217 miles  


4449 at Union Station
SP 4449 at Portland Union Station.
Washing the train
Washing the locomotives.
crew board turning around in wishram
Turning the train around in Wishram.
cruisin' along
Cruising along the Fallbridge Subdivision.
returning to roundhouse
Returning to Roundhouse via east Portland.



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