SP 4449

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Excursions :: Montana by Steam - October 2004

SP 4449 took part of Montana by Steam's tour through the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

Route: Portland, OR to Billings, MT via Sandpoint, ID.

map of trip

Train Consist:

Roster No. Equipment Details
SP 4449 Steam locomotive
DLMX 4219 Auxiliary Tender
MRL 391 F45 Diesel Locomotive (for dynamic braking) on certain segments.
DLMX 5811 Yes Dear Tool Car
DLMX 9201 Clackamas River Locomotive Crew Car
RQAX 104 HEP Power car
RVIX 800150 Crew car
RQAX 1612 Crew car
RQAX 1700 Montana Daylight car
RQAX 1013 Montana Daylight car
RQAX ??? Montana Daylight car
800320 Pony Express
RQAX 3109 Montana Daylight car
RQAX 8750 Montana Daylight car
RQAX 800269 Montana Daylight dome car "City of Livingston"
RQAX 9407 Montana Daylight dome car
RQAX 9410 Montana Daylight dome car
800344 Yerba Buena
800212 Bella Vista
Dates and Mileage Movements and Endpoints
10/07/2004: 230 Portland, OR to Pasco, WA via Vancouver and Wishram.
10/08/2004: 215 Pasco, WA to Kootenai, ID via Spokane and Sandpoint.
10/10/2004: 210 Kootenai, ID to Missoula, MT via Paradise and St. Regis.
10/11/2004: 220 Missoula, MT to Bozeman, MT via Helena.
10/12/2004: 150 Bozeman, MT to Billings, MT via Livingston. Round trip to Laurel wye.
10/15/2004: 150 Billings, MT to Bozeman, MT via Livingston.
10/16/2004: 220 Bozeman, MT to Missoula, MT via Helena.
10/17/2004: 210 Missoula, MT to Kootenai, ID via Dixon.
10/19/2004: 215 Kootenai, ID to Pasco, WA via Sandpoint and Spokane.
10/20/2004: 230 Pasco, WA to Portland, OR via Wishram and Vancouver.
Total approx: 2050 miles


The morning of departure at Brooklyn Yard.

Steaming eastward along the Columbia River.

Steaming along the Columbia River.

Departing Sandpoint, Idaho.

One of the many tunnels along the route.

Doing a photo runby near the Idaho-Montana border.

Running alongside the Clark Fork River.

A handful of semaphore signals that were still standing.

Running through the St. Regis area.

Departing from Missoula.

Mullan Pass, Montana.

Servicing the locomotive in Helena, Montana.

Photo runby at Lombard, Montana.

Approaching Livingston, Montana.

Livingston, Montana.

Headed for Billings, MT.

Billings, Montana.

Photo runby west of Billings.

More tunnels near Bozeman.

Bozeman Pass.

Headed towards Missoula.

Mullan Pass.

Mullan Pass.

Scenery between Missoula and Sandpoint.

Layover day near Sandpoint, ID.

Local tours came by.

The Bella Vista dome car.

Passing through Spokane, WA.

Columbia River Gorge.

Back home at Brooklyn Yard, Portland, OR.



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